Bethlehem Tribes

At Bethlehem Baptist Church, members are truly a part of one big family. As such, each new member is assigned to one of twelve “tribes”, or smaller groups of congregants, led by “tribe leaders”, which are long-term deacons and deaconesses of the church. The tribal groups, similar to connection groups, are broken down as follows:




We feel there are great benefits to belonging to a tribe, including the provision of individual watchcare and keeping a small church feel in a larger church setting. At Bethlehem, we ensure every tribe member’s needs can be addressed immediately at the tribe level via your designated tribe leader.

Tribes meet every fifth Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. at various locations around the BBC campus. Take note of your assigned tribe upon reception of your new member welcome letter and enjoy lasting fellowship with your fellow tribe members. Several special events take place throughout the year for each of the twelve tribes, as well as those where we all come together for merriment, missionary work, and even a little innocent competition.

Be sure to inform your tribe leader if you are being admitted to the hospital, stand in need of prayer, or experience a death in the family. If you need the name of your assigned tribe or contact information for your tribe leader, please visit the church office. Lists of tribe members are also hanging on the wall of the Education Building and the lobby of the Gymnatorium.