September 7th -9th Discipleship Training

It is our Joy, that God has allowed you to come and grow with us in our Discipleship Training 2019. It’s our prayer that every night we are enfolded into Godly enlightenment for the betterment of our community, church, home, and our-self. It’s our prayer that as we diligently seek Him, that He will safeguard these precious hours of study.  Register today for our Fall Discipleship Classes scheduled to begin September 7th – 9th, Monday from 7-8 pm and Tuesday from 11-12 am. Daytime Classes will be held in the Gym classrooms and evening classes will be held in the Education Building.
Fall 2019 we are offering two new exciting classes. Bible Fast Track, where you will see the Story of the Bible summarizes Genesis to Revelation. Using easy-to-follow visuals throughout, the reader is able to track along with the main characters, themes, and movements.
The ABCs of the Bible, to the unified story of Scripture, helping Christians grasp the perspective of the biblical writers and follow their lead in reading and interpreting God’’s Word. For other class description, please download the BBC Education Resource Catalog.
Register online or after services. Together we can worship His word.
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